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High performance compaction with Volvo soil and asphalt compactors, on any type of terrain or surface. These ensure comfort and advanced protection systems for operators. Choose from a range of operating weights, from 1.5t to 17t, to meet the technical specifications of your operation.

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Volvo Find Soil Compactor Sd160b T4f


Operating weight w/ ROPS: 16,691 kg
Gross power: 110 kW
Centrifugal force: 249/291 kN

Volvo Find Soil Compactor Sd135b T4f Walkaround


Operating weight w/ ROPS: 12,600 kg
Gross power: 110 kW
Centrifugal force: 249/281 kN

Volvo Find Soil Compactor Sd115b T4f Walkaround


Operating weight w/ ROPS: 11,743 kg
Gross power: 110 kW
Centrifugal force: 242/258 kN

Volvo Find Soil Compactor Sd75b T4f Walkaround


Operating weight w/ ROPS: 7,192 kg
Gross power: 55 kW
Centrifugal force: 121/139 kN

Volvo Find Soil Compactor Sd45b T4f


Operating weight w/ ROPS: 4,948 kg
Gross power: 55 kW
Centrifugal force: 75/93 kN


Volvo Find Asphalt Compactor Dd105 T4f Walkaround


Operating weight w/ ROPS: 10,500 kg
Gross power: 85 kW
Roll width: 1680 mm

Volvo Find Asphalt Compactor Dd25b T4f Walkaround


Operating weight w/ ROPS: 2,515 kg
Gross power: 18.2 kW
Roll width: 1000 mm

Volvo Find Asphalt Compactor Dd15 T4i Walkaround


Operating weight w/ ROPS: 1,529 kg
Gross power: 12.4 kW
Roll width: 900 mm

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Soil Compactors: SD75B, SD115B and SD135B

Discover Volvo’s B Series soil compactors, equipped with advanced technology.
The drum is easily set up while the motor self-regulates. Volvo cylinders adapt to the application and the workplace providing maximum versatility and performance.

More productivity

With the help of CareTrack, Volvo’s telematics system, you can maximize your productivity in terms of fuel consumption, machine utilization and excessive idling reports. Take full control of your fleet.

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360º Service

We simplify the maintenance and repair of your machine. With on-site service and original parts we keep your business running. We protect your operation by providing complete solutions. Count on Ascendum for a more agile and efficient after-sales service to enhance your business.

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