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Material Handling Machines

Sennebogen has been a leader in electrical material handler innovation for over 30 years. Its hybrid engine not only reduces operating costs by up to 50% compared to conventional combustion engines, but has many other benefits that mean the machine pays for itself quickly.

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818 E

Operating weight: 21.8 t
Power: 97 kW
Range: 10 m

821 E

Operating weight: 23.9 t
Power: 97 kW
Range: 12 m

825 E

Operating weight: 28 t
Power: 129 kW
Range: 13 m

830 E

Operating weight: 38.5 t
Power: 168 kW
Range: 17 m

830 MHD

Operating weight: 41.5 t
Power: 168 kW
Range: 17 m

835 E

Operating weight: 44.5 t
Power: 224 kW
Range: 18 m

840 E

Operating weight: 53 t
Power: 224 kW
Range: 20 m

850 E

Operating weight: 61 t
Power: 268 kW
Range: 21 m


Operating weight: 77 t
Power: 231 kW
Range: 21 m


Operating weight: 90 t
Power: 261 kW
Range: 25 m


Operating weight: 97 t
Power: 261 kW
Range: 27 m

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We take care of your equipment, with on-site interventions, telephone support, original spare parts and scheduled maintenance. We have 4 business units in Portugal with workshops and parts counters as well as 35 technical assistance vehicles.

Rental solutions

Need a short-term boost? We have the right machine for you in our rental fleet. With a range of over 100 top construction machines and equipment, including accessories, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

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SENtrack Telematics System

SENtrack, Sennebogen’s telematics system, brings more transparency to your operation and the use of your machines. This software ensures better control over maintenance planning, sending alerts and increasing machine availability.

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