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Demolition with Precision and Efficiency

Demolition with Precision and Efficiency


In the construction industry, demolition is a crucial stage that requires precision, efficiency and, above all, safety. From site preparation to waste removal, each phase requires robust and reliable equipment to guarantee superior results. Understanding the specific needs of this area is fundamental to the success of any demolition project.

Specific Demolition Needs:

Demolition presents a number of unique challenges that require adapted solutions. Among the main challenges are the need to reach hard-to-reach areas, deal with complex structures and ensure the safety of everyone involved. In addition, efficiency in the process is crucial to maintaining deadlines and minimizing costs.

Specialized Machines for Unique Challenges:

In this context, the Volvo, Sennebogen and Metso brands stand out as leaders in the supply of specialized demolition equipment.

Choosing the right machines is crucial to ensuring efficiency and safety in demolition projects. Volvo excavators offer power and precision to handle the most demanding demolition tasks, while Sennebogen machines provide versatility and performance in a variety of working conditions. Metso mobile equipment guarantees a complete solution, from crushing to sorting, all in one place.


Demolishing buildings, bridges and other structures is hard work. Winning at demolition requires extreme-duty equipment and high-performance attachments.
The Volvo, Sennebogen and Metso brands offer a complete range of specialized equipment to meet the challenges of demolition with unparalleled efficiency, safety and performance. Choose excellence. Choose reliability. Choose Volvo, Sennebogen and Metso for your demolition projects.

Volvo’s long-reach excavators, such as the EC750EHR, EC480EHR, EC380E, EC380EHR and EC300E models, are designed to reach hard-to-reach places and carry out jobs with precision and efficiency.

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Sennebogen material handling machines, specifically the 830E and 870E models, are renowned for their versatility and ability to handle a variety of materials, from rubble to heavy metals.

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Metso’s mobile equipment in the Lokotrack range offers mobility and flexibility, allowing materials to be processed on the demolition site itself, thus reducing transportation costs and time.

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