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Altri Florestal has established a partnership with Ascendum for the acquisition of eight pieces of equipment with hybrid technology by its service providers. The objectives defined by Altri Florestal, within the scope of Commitment 2030, in which it seeks to be a pioneer and at the forefront of knowledge, study and integration of equipment powered by alternative and less polluting energy sources, led to this partnership.

On August 5, at Quinta do Furadouro, the first of eight Volvo EC250E Hybrid machines, purchased by Altri Florestal service providers from Ascendum, was presented.

The eight new Volvo EC250E Hybrid, which will soon be at Altri’s service in its logging and land preparation activities, feature unique hybrid hydraulic technology that “uses the downward movement of the boom to charge an accumulator that powers an auxiliary motor, which in turn provides torque to the engine.” as Diogo Martins, Sales Manager at Ascendum Máquinas, explains. “The result is a 17% increase in fuel efficiency and also a 15% reduction in CO2 emissions, while retaining all the excavator’s power and performance.”

Manuel Carvalho, After Sales Manager of Ascendum Máquinas, says that “with the launch of this new Volvo model, Ascendum’s After Sales service has been preparing and preparing for the new model. train all its technical capacity to meet the new challenges brought by new technologies” currently available from the brand, in a very complete range.

“Both in autonomous and electric equipment, we have today integrated solutions of autonomous articulated dumpers, 100% electric; we have 100% electric excavators and mini-excavators; even large excavators, 22 tons” explains Pedro Gaspar, Commercial Director of Ascendum Máquinas, explaining further that “together with our supplier Volvo, we have solutions for our market and our customers that meet the 2030 Commitment.”

Pedro Silva, Supply Manager at Altri Florestal, explains that “in this commitment, called Commitment 2030, signed with UNESCO, Altri has defined clear and objective goals in which it undertakes to lower all its emissions. We know that Ascendum, and the brands it represents, are also on this path” and for this reason “we have established a partnership in which Altri’s service providers, investing in equipment with this type of technology, less polluting, will have a work guarantee commitment from Altri” and in this way “Altri tries to ensure that these suppliers and investors have a certain guarantee of the amortization of their investment.”

In response, Altri’s service providers saw this acquisition as an excellent deal. Nuno Almeida, Manager of VLO, bases his choice on two main benefits for his company: “because it is hybrid and has lower consumption”. He adds: “That’s why I bought the Volvo; not one, but two! This is the first one and the second one is coming in January”. After trying out the new Volvo EC250E Hybrid, Victor Costa, operator of the VLO company, notes even more advantages: “In terms of the cabin, the machine is more comfortable and quieter.”

Pedro Silva also says that “We are with the only equipment that interests us for the forestry sector and that is available on the market”, but since this is the commitment for a decade, there will be “many more steps beyond this equipment”. According to Pedro Silva, the goal is that in 2030 Altri will achieve lower percentage consumption than in 2022. “Ascendum, and especially Volvo, are at the forefront, and Altri too (…) it makes perfect sense to be together and this is the main reason for this commitment.” he concludes.


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