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Ascendum delivers 1st Volvo Electric Machine

Ascendum Delivers the First Electric Volvo Machine


Ascendum makes history by delivering the first electric Volvo machine in Portugal. This milestone ushers in a new era of carbon neutrality in the sector and promotes the transition to cleaner and more sustainable energy sources.

Acquired by the company Josina – Comércio de Materiais de Construção, the Volvo L25 Electric wheel loader aims to significantly reduce energy consumption and replace fossil fuels with clean energy. Josina’s decision reaffirms its environmental commitment, demonstrating a pragmatic vision of economic efficiency. By adopting more sustainable technologies, the company’s operations become not only ecologically neutral, but also more profitable in the long term.

To celebrate this milestone, a special commemorative gift was delivered to the customer during the machine’s handover.

“We are proud to embrace this pioneering approach with Josina, a long-standing partner. This partnership is not only a demonstration of business leadership, but also an inspiring example of how collaboration can drive innovation and sustainability.”

Pedro GasparSales Director Ascendum

The transition to electric machines in the construction and extraction sector is more than a trend, it’s an urgent necessity, considering global climate change and the increasing limitation of resources. “The reason for acquiring an electric machine was to reduce our consumption of fossil fuels and opt for an alternative form of electricity. We have previously adopted other measures such as installing photovoltaic panels. This machine meets the objective of reducing fossil fuel consumption, without compromising the performance of our operation”says José Carlos Faria, Josina’s managing partner. In fact by reducing carbon emissions and dependence on fossil fuels, companies not only fulfill their environmental responsibility, but also guarantee their own long-term viability. The advantages go beyond environmental sustainability to include substantial economic benefits.

“Although the initial cost may be higher, the operating cost is significantly lower. In the long term, electric machines are emerging as a more economical option, due to the obvious reduction in fuel costs.”

João JordãoSales Engineering - Electrical Machines

The delivery of the first Volvo electric machine in Portugal by Ascendum represents an important step for the future of the construction and extraction sector. This initiative not only highlights our client’s leadership and innovation, but also serves as a model for other companies looking to adopt more sustainable and efficient practices. The transition to cleaner technologies is a path that needs to be taken to ensure a more sustainable and economically viable future.

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