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ASCENDUM Academy trains ASCENDUM professionals

Training its professionals is a priority mission for ASCENDUM, to ensure professionalism, specialization and customer service that make the company’s services distinctive.

Technical training of employees is seen as an investment and as one of the foundations for building know-how for fast, effective resolution of problems. These requirements are what make it possible to maximize machines’ uptime.

About ten custom courses 

ASCENDUM Academy trains all the After-Sales Service technicians responsible for Technical Support or for Parts Service. This company-wide training structure has developed specific theoretical and practical courses, making it possible for them to use their knowledge on the job.

The various courses conducted throughout the training year can be categorized into:

  • Basic Courses - Engines, electricity and electronics, hydraulics, etc.
  • Specific Courses for families of products, at three different levels, from basic knowledge to advanced detection of malfunctions.
  • Preventive Maintenance Courses.
  • Courses about specific systems of a family of models – Engines, Transmissions, etc.
  • Parts Courses.

All the courses are rooted in the principle that a good understanding of theory can and will lead to an ability to solve problems and apply knowledge directly to products and equipment. The training plan therefore relies on a broad range of practical interactive programs, including

  • Online training
  • Offline training (CD/DVD)
  • Local Technical Hubs.
  • In-person courses with an instructor.
  • Simulator-aided training.