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Hyster expands its portfolio with the UT Series

The models in the UT Series guarantee the right strength that each load handling operation requires.

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Meet the new UT Series

UT Series - Platform Pallet Trucks

With a capacity of 2 tonnes and variable speed control, the new Hyster P2.0UT S Platform Pallet Truck is ideal for boosting pallet transportation rates over short and long distances. 

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UT Series - Pedestrian Stackers

For stacking pallets in the warehouse up to 5.6m, and for some picking applications, operations can now choose the new “no-nonsense” Hyster S1.5UT pedestrian stacker truck.


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UT Series - Platform Stackers

The Hyster S1.5UT S Platform Stacker, for lifting up to 1.5 tonnes up to 5.6m, provides a reliable, straight-forward and affordable solution for warehouses and manufacturing operations. 

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Warehouse Equipment

Electric Pallet Trucks

In the P series of Hyster, you always find the solution for your needs: electric pallet trucks with capacities between 1,300 kg and 3,000 kg, shelves supply, pallet truck with operator platform, horizontal transportation and load and unloading of vehicles.

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Multi-Level Order Selectors

The LO and K1 series of Hyster Multi-Level Order Selectors is one of the most cost-effective and efficient solutions for fast and efficient order preparation from the ground. Also available with fixed or lifting platform, they allow first, second or third high levels, up to 9 meters high.

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Hyster LO tow tractors are an effective and cost-effective solution for production line operations in manufacturing facilities. With capacities from 5,000 kg to 7,000 kg, they are the ideal solution for horizontal transport at all distances

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Reach Trucks

The Hyster R-Series reach trucks provide a productivity increase through high translating and lifting speeds, with seven capacities ranging from 1,400 kg to 2,500 kg and a maximum lifting height of 12.75 m.

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From the pedestrian warehouse stacker to the counterbalanced stacker,  Hyster provides a comprehensive range with more than 50 solutions for handling and warehousing goods.

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VNA (Trilaterais)

This Hyster series is the perfect solution for applications where you need to make the most of a warehouse space. With a capacity of 1,000 kg to 1,500 kg and a lift up to 17 m, this series of VNA machines ensures that all usable space is taken advantage of. VNA (Trilaterias) are forklift trucks with operator lift for narrow aisles.

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