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The ideal solution to the great challenges of the construction industry

Light equipment for heavy work, the ideal solution to the great challenges of the construction industry. Husqvarna gives all professionals a wide variety of machines, diamond tools and all the necessary accessories to carry out their work with maximum efficiency. It is an ideal combination of high performance, usability and security.

Husqvarna's philosophy is based on three fundamental principles: well-designed, high-quality, high-performance equipment, a focus on efficiency, and a service and technical support network that helps you in any situation.





Concrete vibrator heads / needles have been developed for more comfortable operation. Vibration helps to remove air spaces from concrete as it is poured or immediately after pouring. When removing air, the density of the concrete increases, making it stronger. We have vibrating heads / needles of different diameters and flexible shaft lengths to adapt to your application.



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Husqvarna Soff-Cut is ideal for ultra-fast cuts of expansion joints after finishing concrete slabs. The system was designed to minimize the risk of random cracks, one of the most expensive and aggravating problems faced by contractors who deal with concrete. The main benefits are high production rates, the ability to pour and cut concrete on the same day and, of course, the end result obtained with shallow cuts.

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As soon as the concrete reaches a plastic state, electric or blast motor straighteners are used to smooth the concrete, in order to remove irregularities from the smoothed surface. During this process, the concrete surfaces are compacted and sealed, which makes the floor even more resistant.

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In most cases, the concrete needs to be leveled to create a homogeneous surface. In simple reinforced slabs, only one or two smoothing passes with a vibrating rule are often required.

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Husqvarna's range of double drum rollers, LP 6505 and LP 7505, is ideal for compacting thin layers on granular soil and asphalt. The high centrifugal force and high speed of the LP range allows you to do more in less time. These machines are fully hydraulic, both in terms of vibration and displacement.

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The LF advance compaction plates are prepared at the factory for the assembly of a block pavement kit to protect the pavement blocks against the occurrence of cracks. The patented, low-vibration handle comes standard and is designed to minimize stress on your hands and arms, also contributing to a safer, more productive and more enjoyable working day.

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Clay and mud are the most difficult soils that exist in nature. To compact them, high impact force is required, high level speed and centrifugal force are required. And that's what Husqvarna's LT 5005 and LT 6005 tamping rammers compactors offer. Equipped with the Honda GXR120 gasoline engine, designed and built specifically for compactors, they give you all the power you need with superb control, reduced noise and low emissions.


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