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World leader in concrete paving

Gomaco Corporation, world leader in concrete paving, was established in 1965 and has a basic principle: designing and manufacturing equipment that provides years of constant work with quality and safety, giving equal priority to the comfort and maximum visibility in its use .




Behind every GOMACO product is a philosophy of common sense design called versatility. No other GOMACO product exemplifies this philosophy better than the line of stilts. GOMACO's patented cutting and slipforming method is the reason for this versatility. The construction of lanyards and ditches, barrier wall, monolithic sidewalk and gutter for recreational and golf courses, have historically proven that GOMACO lanyards and ditches machines are able to correspond to a wide diversity of projects and satisfying a greater number of customers.

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The GOMACO paving line includes paving equipment that has the most advanced technology and versatility, paving up to 15.2 m wide and 483 mm deep, covering a wide range of projects. GOMACO concrete pavers meet the most stringent requirements.

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Included in the GOMACO paving support equipment, placer / spreaders were designed to lay and spread material up to 15.2 m wide, with a minimum side clearance on both sides of the machine. The GOMACO has placer / spreaders designed for the various types of trucks and for various applications, including those that require the placement of reinforcement knit.

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The GOMACO paving support equipment includes trimmer / placers designed for fast and precise placement of cement. The front-mounted trimmer allows precise trimming, to the end of each pass and millimeters away from the obstacles ahead.

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GOMACO offers versatile texturing and curing machines equipped with tracks or flotation tires. These machines increase efficiency in any project where the surface of the cement requires texture and application of curing compound.

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GOMACO was pioneer, more than 50 years ago, in the concept of cylinder finalizer. The founder of the company developed and manufactured a platform bridge to meet the growing needs of this type of equipment markets. Considered a landmark, the cylinder finish made the GOMACO a recognized name in the construction industry.

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GOMACO offers a wide selection of applications and machines to meet your needs. This is just one of the many reasons why GOMACO equipment is the chosed one for the construction of water channels around the world.

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The GOMACO equipment is the contractor's choice for concrete paving in airport projects worldwide, using concrete slipform pavers, placer / spreaders, trimmers / placers, texture / cure machines, curb and gutter machines, Spanit® work bridges and much more. more.

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Discover the various support solutions available for the different Gomaco equipment.

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