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Software Options

Engine Auto Shutdown

Volvo offers a set of software options that help improve your machine. Some boost safety and productivity and others reduce fuel consumption.

Automatic Engine Shutdown is an easy way to reduce fuel consumption and running costs. Depending on circumstances, a construction machine idles 40% to 60% of its running time. The auto engine shutdown reduces this percentage without affecting productivity, since it shuts off the engine only when the machine has been idling for more than 4 minutes and the machine is stationary with no gear engaged.

Available in: articulated dumpers (series F) and wheel loaders (series E, F and G).

Speed Limiter

The Speed Limiter option makes it possible to use the machines in jobs and countries that impose speed limits. This option automatically regulates maximum speed, keeping the operator from increasing velocity and exceeding speed limits.

Available in: articulated dumpers (series E and F) and wheel loaders (series E, F and G)

Increased Engine Protection

The Increased Engine Protection option guards the engine from additional damage caused by problems in different systems of the engine and thus reduces unnecessary costly downtimes. This option helps you avoid engine breakdowns, even when machine alarms are not monitored. It automatically idles and shuts down your engine once it reaches critical levels on indicators such as temperature, coolants, oil temperature and pressure, boost temperature and pressure.

Available in: wheel loaders (series E and F).

Engine Shutdown Timer

This option helps the operator follow the right procedure when stopping the machine, to prolong the service life of the turbocharger and reduce unnecessary wear on the engine.

At the end of a demanding work shift, before shutting down the engine, the operator must let it idle for at least a minute to cool down. With the Engine Shutdown Timer, the engine automatically idles before shutting down. This means the operator can leave the cab and lock the machine without having to wait for shutdown.

Available in: articulated dumpers (series E and F).