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ASCENDUM Rebuild Program

The ASCENDUM Rebuild Program is an initiative that guarantees a new life for used Volvo machines, for long-lasting operation and with the Volvo guarantee. The program allows to maximize the life and the operational performance of the machines with the least environmental impact. After program machines have a service life and performance comparable to new machines.

This program offers excellent after-sales conditions capable of meeting customer needs. Refurbished equipment is delivered with an ASCENDUM-certified Rebuild Program nameplate and proof. This program is intended for the refurbishment of Loaders and Dumpers but may be applicable to other Volvo equipment.

Reconditioning process is phased: diagnostics, washing and analysis of main components, component reconditioning, replacement of hydraulic piping, improvement of electrical installation, cabin and lastly the painting. This process involves a specialized and multidisciplinary team of 12 elements dedicated to the technical design, control and ordering of parts.


Watch the video to know the reconditioning process: